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Skyrim Dawnguard arrives tomorrow, other important dates noted

The English language version of Skyrim Dawnguard will be released tomorrow, June 26, bringing the much awaited expansion for The Elder Scrolls V to those on Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the French, Italian German, and Spanish versions of Dawnguard won't arrive until mid-July, according to Bethesda.

It's not all bad news for speakers of other languages; the French, Italian, German, and Spanish version of the 1.6 update is rolling out today on Xbox 360, finally bringing mounted combat and Kinect support to Skyrim in other languages. There are also a ton of bug fixes which can be viewed here.

Information surrounding Skyrim Dawnguard have been limited. According to details posted from beta testers, the story focuses on Harkon, a vampire lord trying to use the Elder Scroll to blot out the sun. Apparently, players have the choice of either joining Harkon's vampire uprising, or aligning themselves with the vampire hunters, Dawnguard..

Joining the vampires will reportedly reward you with new powers like the Vampiric Grip, which suspends enemies in the air while draining their health (sounds a bit like a Star Wars force ability). You can also turn into a cloud of bats.

Joining Dawnguard has some perks as well, including the use of new weapons like the crossbow. These can stagger targets and are always ready to fire, but they do take much longer than the standard bow to reload. You can also hire armored trolls as followers.

With the expansion set to release tomorrow on Xbox 360, who will you side with?

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