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Skyrim 1.4 update info coming "very soon"



Bethesda has just released the change-log for Skyrim patch 1.4.  According to the most recent update, the new patch is undergoing testing on all three platforms.  Find out more here.

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It's been quiet couple of weeks for Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which saw its last official update about a month ago.  Since the release of patch 1.3 back in December, things have remained at a stalemate for the game which has experienced lag problems on PS3 since launch.

I have to admit, fans have calmed down a bit since the initial outrage.  Maybe they've given up, maybe they feel it's a lost cause, or maybe they are just playing through the pain.  Whatever the reasons, it seems news about Skyrim has been slow.  Occasionally, we've been getting a few bits of info about the 1.4 update.

A few days ago, a fan asked when we can expect to see the 1.4 update, to which the Skyrim dev team has promised more details and info "very soon".

While we don't know for sure what 1.4 will contain, we can assume it will again address the widely-reported PS3 lag issues.  As for PC users, Bethesda also reminded fans that they are looking to have the Construction Kit out this month.  Be sureto keep an eye on their blog for new updates.

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