Skylanders Cloud Patrol now available on the new Kindle Fire HD

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Skylanders Cloud Patrol, a recently-released mobile gaming experience set in a new region of Skylands, is now available for the Kindle Fire HD, alongside the first-generation Kindle Fire. Yesterday, Amazon unveiled a new line of Kindle Fire HD tablets.

In the game, Skylands has been overrun by the evil minions of Portal Master, Kaos. Players take command of a giant sky-ship and use their favorite Skylanders — of which there are over 30-plus available to unlock — to dispatch the enemies using touch gestures to tap-and-shoot or swipe the screen to create combos.

Exclusive to the version of Skylanders Cloud Patrol on Kindle Fire, players will be able to purchase toys within the game app itself — a first time ever for the game. Buying the physical toy in-app will unlock the digital character immediately via Amazon's 1-Click Purchasing. The physical toy will then be shipped to the user.

SKylanders Cloud Patrol is available via the Kindle Fire store on the tablet for $0.99.

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