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Skullgirls XBLA patch delayed because of file size


The patch that decreases load times and delivers considerable improvements to Skullgirls may not arrive anytime soon.

Lab Zero Games, the studio that former Skullgirls developers started late last year, has hit a major roadblock in bringing a new patch to the Xbox Live Arcade version of the fighting game, according to XBLA Fans.

The same patch came out for the PlayStation Network in November, making it the superior version.

Apparently, the patch is too big, and Microsoft won't allow it. But the size isn't off by a few measly megabytes — the 590MB size far exceeds the 4MB limit that Microsoft has set.

The team is "frustrated," and getting Microsoft to grant an exception may be impossible. The developers are working as fast as possible, but the patch has been in limbo since December 12.

You can read the massive patch notes here.

The "four of five" possible downloadable-content characters are also on hold.

It's disappointing that so many players are stuck with a purchase that's of lesser quality than a version on a different platform, but that's the unfortunate reality of gaming today.

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