Skullgirls Encore free for PS+ members when PSN updates tomorrow

Skullgirls Screenshot - Skullgirls

When the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, players will be treated to Skullgirls Encore completely for free, assuming you have a PS+ account.

The Encore in Skullgirls Encore comes with new gameplay balances, new stages and new music, however the core Skullgirls experience is still kept completely intact, complete with the absolutely crazy cast of diverse characters.

Skullgirls Encore is an update to the original Skullgirls, a fast-paced 2-D fighting game that puts players in control of fierce warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. Building on its established game systems tried and tested by veteran and casual fighting game fans alike, Skullgirls Encore includes new systems, new stages and music, balance adjustments, gameplay tweaks and more. All brought to you with the same high quality Skullgirls and Lab Zero Games are known for!

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