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Skullgirls devs asking for $150K in crowdfunding


Updated on Feb. 26 with Indiegogo link.

Some of the Skullgirls developers who broke off and formed their own studio, Lab Zero Games, are launching a crowdfunding effort today on Indiegogo to raise $150,000.

Mike Zaimont and Peter Bartholow need the money to make a new character, "Squigly," as well as a couple others (as stretch goals), according to Shoryuken (via Joystiq).

"I know that $150,000 sounds like a ton of money, and it's only that cheap because we're taking huge paycuts to try and make it happen at all," Bartholow told Shoryuken. "A full cost breakdown will be provided so that people can see how their money will be spent."

The funding will go toward making Squigly and her story and stage. With enough donations, the same will be done with a male downloadable-content character (an interesting choice for a female-based fighting game) and a third character, picked by popular vote.

If successful, Lab Zero will make Squigly free on all platforms for three months.

The developer is also working on the long-promised PC version, and one of the reward tiers for the campaign includes a Steam code with beta access.

If Lab Zero can sort out its legal issues, Reverge Labs (the original developer) may approve a sequel.

The company did not provide an update on the delayed Xbox Live Arcade patch.

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