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Skills Development is the Key to Domination in the Combat Zones of CrimeCraft

August 14, 2009

Cultivate the Skills to Make the Kills!

Skills Development is the Key to Domination in the Combat Zones of CrimeCraft

Winning in CrimeCraft takes more than guts and guns. In CrimeCraft, player success comes from being prepared and choosing a specific set of skills, then developing those skills to the point where mastery turns you into an unstoppable force of destruction.

There are approximately 40 different skills your character can specialize in. Each of these skills can be combined in thousands of combinations as you advance your character from starting newcomer to gang kingpin. CrimeCraft takes the character advancement of an RPG and blends it into the explosive action of a shooter.

The skills of CrimeCraft are classified as two types, Active (i.e. special attacks utilized in combat) and Passive (i.e. character buffs activated by equipping them). Within those types, there are three disciplines of skill to cultivate:

Weapons: Access specialized weapons and improve all weapons damage through the cultivation of numerous skills such as Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle training skills. Build up your ability to wield a weapon and improve the damage you’re laying out with the Incendiary or Cluster Rocket rounds.

Explosives: Get more ‘bang for your buck’ by specializing in the creation and detonation of specific explosive devices like Sonic Grenades or Proximity Mines. Train yourself in the right skill become an expert in Fire Control Techniques, Charge Compression and Demolitions.

Survival: Be a heavy hitter by boosting your resistance to damage by equipping Liquid Armor or Blast Helmet. Take a more covert role in your gang by cultivating Stealth and Ambush tactic skills as you take out your rivals. Enhance what you take into combat by developing the skills you need to get the upper hand.

To illustrate how these varied skills work to build a variety of hard to kill combatants, Vogster has released these latest assets showcasing a just a few examples of the types of gang member you can craft!

The highly anticipated CrimeCraft is rated ‘M’ for Mature and is slated to ship for PC in North America on August 25, 2009.

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