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Sizable Chunk of Japanese Consumers Regret Buying the 3DS


Following the 3DS price drop, it seems plenty of consumers aren't happy with their initial purchases of Nintendo's latest handheld. Plenty of reports have indicated that North American gamers are upset with the $80 price drop and subsequent "Ambassador" program, because these individuals feel like they got bamboozled. Well, it turns out a lot of Japanese consumers feel the same way.

Japanese site 4Gamer recently conducted a survey to see how individuals felt about the massive price cut on the 3DS. Apparently, they're pretty upset, translates writer Daniel Feit. Over 30 percent of early 3DS adopters regret making their purchases so early in the handheld's lifespan, and there are even reports that some consumers felt anger about the sudden price drop.

Another noteworthy statistic is the 45.7 percent of people who stated that they weren't completely sure if they'd be interested in purchasing Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. This is pretty surprising considering the popularity of those franchises. Not to mention the fact that both games look pretty good. Only 5.4 percent of the gamers surveyed said that they planned on purchasing a 3DS after its price drop, and the main reason behind this small number is the obvious lack of must-buy titles.

There's no denying that Nintendo really made some blunders early on with the 3DS. Will the company be able to bounce back once the handheld gets its nice $80 price cut? We'll have to wait and see. Here's hoping the Big N treats the platform carefully and starts pushing solid content for it.

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