Sine Mora will raise (bullet) hell on PS3

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Digital Reality has just announced that it will be taking Sine Mora, its joint project with Grasshopper Manufacture, to the PlayStation 3 as a digital download. This comes as a pleasant surprise, as the game was originally being developed for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Microsoft then gained exclusivity rights as the publisher for Sine Mora, and plans for the PlayStation 3 version were scrapped.

It was earlier this month that Digital Reality announced plans for a PlayStation Vita version, signaling the end of the exclusivity deal with Microsoft. Sine Mora was even playable at the Sony booth at E3 a couple of weeks ago.

No word on when the game will launch on the PlayStation Network, but Digital Reality mentioned that Sine Mora would land on Sony's digital platform "soon," which could mean PlayStation fans will possibly be shooting stuff up later this summer. Additionally, no price point was announced, but the game will most likely be on par with the Xbox Live Arcade version, which sports a $15 price tag.

Sine Mora was praised for its high level of challenge and engaging shoot 'em up gameplay . GameZone's Robert Workman awarded the game an 8.5/10 score in his review, saying that the experience would definitely appeal to shmup fans. If you didn't get the chance to play this on Xbox Live Arcade, watch out for it on the PlayStation Network.

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