Sims 4 not appearing at E3 according to Maxis PR manager, Charlie Sinhaseni

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Sims fans who were anticipating some sort of announcement during E3, might be disappointed to find out that Sims 4 won't be making an appearance. As you can see from the Tweet below, Maxis PR Manager, Charlie Sinhaseni, stated that the game won't be showing up at E3, but that there are some 'fun stuff coming over the summer'.

So what is the 'fun stuff' fans can look forward to? While it's not confirmed that it's Sims 4 related, the dates to look out for according to Charlie are June 18th and July 9th.

Of course there is always a possibility that Charlie could just be downplaying an announcement and then have Maxis shock everyone at E3 with their new game, however, his word is all we have right now.


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