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Simpsons Arcade to land on XBLA before PSN


Yes, PlayStation owners with a PlayStation Plus account will be getting the nostalgic Simpsons Arcade game for free on February 7. Unfortunately, Xbox 360 owners will have to shell out some cash for it, but they will be getting it a little bit earlier and by earlier, I mean Friday, February 3.

The old-school Simpsons title will cost 800 Microsoft points or $9.99, however you'd like to look at it. That isn't a bad price either considering I spent what seems like a bazillion quarters in the Pocket Change arcade in my local mall years and years ago. Although, it won't offer the same cramped feeling I had with kids huddling around the cabinet waiting for their chance to bust up some locals with a vacuum in Springfield, I may have to pick this one up just for old time sake.

If you haven't played this arcade title...first off, that shows my age. Secondly, it is an amazing arcade classic that lets you take control of the Simpsons family in a beat-em-up brawl. This time around, the game will offer new modes including a four player co-op assuring the player the best beat-em-up Simpsons experience out there. [Joystiq]

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