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SimCity Social goes live on Facebook

Let's be honest, the world we live in is f*cked. It's one giant mess, which is why I'm pleased to announced the launch of SimCity Social on Facebook - where you can take control of your very own city.

Think you can do a better job managing a city? Now is your chance as EA's popular city-building game is now open to everyone - taking the fun experience of planning, building, and destroying a city online where you can enjoy it with friends.

Developed as a collaboration between Maxis and Playfish, SimCity Social features advanced social features to interact with friends via Facebook. And the social interactions extend far beyond just visiting a friend's city or using them as resources to complete tasks. In SimCity Social you can build friendly relationships with neighboring towns or form an intense rivalry through the game's built in friend and foe system. It sounds like a smaller version of things to come when the retail version of SimCity releases next year with it's highly anticipated multiplayer component.

"SimCity Social will entice a new generation of urban planners with its easy-to-use tools that allow anyone to expand and grow their own unique sprawling metropolises and watch as it comes to life in fun and unexpected ways,” said VP of Global Studios for Playfish Jami Laes. “SimCity Social is about playing with your friends. Whether you do that with kindness by helping put out a fire or through mischievous acts like helping a criminal escape, the decisions you make with your friends will determine how the story of your cities plays out.”

You can "like" and play SimCity Social on their Facebook page. Players who "Like" the game get access to free in-game exclusive content.

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