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SimCity's introduction is such a tease

EA has released a new video showing off the introduction of Maxis' highly anticipated simulation game SimCity. The introduction video shows exactly what players will see when they log into the game. It's kind of like booting the game up for the first time -- except that we still have to wait several more weeks until we can build all of the neat stuff seen in this video.

The video is composed of all gameplay footage and begins by showing off Multi-city play -- one of the big draws of SimCity and its multiplayer component. It then dives into city specialization, providing us with a glimpse of how individual cities can be unique to each player's playstyle. As the video shows, a city's appearance can change quite drastically based on something as simple as the energy it uses.

The video concludes with a first look at the Space Center, one of the "Great Works" that players can work together to create. Check out the video sadly wait until March for when the game arrives.

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