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SimCity introduces Airships: a pricey way to reduce traffic

SimCity Airship Set

When I last played SimCity, traffic logic didn't exactly make the most sense. Apparently there's been some tweaks and changes to traffic behavior since then, but I was so frustrated with the roadway system that I gave up and haven't picked it up since. So honestly I have no clue if traffic has been improved; however, a new set of DLC is aiming to fix that -- at a cost.

The new "SimCity Airships Set" looks to deliver tourists and commuters to your city, while cutting down on transit traffic by taking to the skies. By simply placing the Airship Hangar in your city, you'll help alleviate the roadway traffic in your city. Here's the catch, this isn't some free piece of DLC sponsored by an advertiser. The SimCity Airships Set will run you $8.99 -- a costly investment just to reduce traffic.

EA does attempt to throw in some other goodies, though. The Airships Set comes with two Airships: a Commuter Airship that transports workers, and a Tourist Airship that brings in tourists. The set also includes two hot air balloon parks (with ten unique balloons), and an Event Blimp that covers big outings at your SimCity stadium. It also comes with two Achievements you can strive to attain.

There you have it, $8.99 to reduce traffic in your SimCity.

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