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SimCity creators have "nothing to announce on the Mac front"


At the Game Developers Conference last week, developer Maxis announced it would be introducing its popular SimCity to modern gamers. The game is planned for 2013 and features fully realized 3D graphics, a first for the series.

Those attending the event even received a sneak preview of the game, later posted online as a succession of videos.

Today the @SimCity Twitter account revealed that Maxis and publisher Electronic Arts are focusing exclusively on the PC version. At least for the time being, they have no comment on whether the new SimCity will come to Mac.

"We're focusing on The PC release of Sim City to make sure we bring you an awesome game," the tweet confirmed. "We have nothing to announce on the MAC front."

Do you want the city-building simulation game to come to Mac as well as PC? Let us know or tweet your request to @SimCity!

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