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Simbin Studios And Colossai Announces Storm Frontline Nation Website.

June 12, 2009


A global financial meltdown waits around the corner; not to unlike today’s global financial market so prepare for war and the epic STORM - Frontline Nation game for PC!

Downloads, information, screens and much more about the upcoming game STORM - Frontline Nation is available on the website.

Official website:

STORM - Frontline Nation is an epic turn-based strategy game situated in modern day Europe and North Africa. Use US or European military forces in research and covert operations to succeed. Superior tactics decide who remain on the battlefield and the players have to master both modern warfare and deceptive diplomacy to turn their countries into the Frontline Nation.

With a strategic map covering more than 500 regions and 90 cities all over Europe and North Africa players are in for a highly interesting campaign. As a player there are a total of 45 playable countries to choose from and no two games will ever play the same due to the highly detailed and complex nature of the game.

With complexity usually comes a steep learning curve, but STORM – Frontline Nation mixes hardcore realism and instant playability making it a rewarding experience for both serious strategy veterans and more casual gamers. The STORM – Frontline Nation universe is immersive and dynamic, demanding strategies true to life in order to propel YOUR nation to the top.

Once a battle is engaged STORM – Frontline Nation will show its tactical side giving the player full control of its military units in a dynamically created hexagon-based battlefield.Different terrain types combined with a dynamic weather system and a day-night cycle add up to the number of tactical possibilities. Again the attention to detail gives deep immersive experience, but first time gamers are helped through tutorials and tool tips.

"Even if we normally work with a very different gaming genre, we recognized the quality and scope of this title at once. The first time Colossai showed us STORM – Frontline Nation we knew this title would be interesting to be involved with and being able to support local developers is of course an added bonus. We are very exited about the title and hope to see it hit home with the strategy gamers", says SimBin Marketing Manager Johan Roos.

Robert Lazic commented "Being able to work with SimBin through the final stages of the development has helped us a lot. They have the experience and know-how to guide us in the right direction and they know first hand about the pressure of the final crunch mode a small development studio goes through when a title is near release. We are proud to have our first title recognized by one of the major players in Swedish game development and we can't wait to see our "baby" released to the world".

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