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Silverlode Interactive Celebrates SAGA MMORTS One Year Anniversary

March 19, 2009

Silverlode Interactive Celebrates SAGA MMORTS One Year Anniversary

SAGA accelerates development revealing exciting features for Year 2

One year after releasing the world’s first collectible RTS, SAGA’s producers look back at their accomplishments. Developing a fully persistent RTS was ambitious enough for an Indie studio, but the producers at Silverlode went one step further and championed a free-to-play collectible model at a time when subscriptions were the norm. Now with over 150,000 player accounts, SAGA is a proven success.

Since release, SAGA has continuously released new game content; hundreds of new quests, new buildings, hero units, special abilities, an entirely new Undead faction, thousands of new weapons and armor pieces... SAGA has undergone many graphical and engine enhancements since release, such as new shaders, particle effects, advanced AI, the ability to garrison troops and the inclusion of line-of-sight targeting in battle for increased tactical realism.

Exciting things lie ahead for SAGA’s second year. The first expansion is nearing completion, adding 100 new troops and spells to the game. Tournaments will be launching soon, allowing players to compete for SAGA product and exclusive in-game battle gear. The world conflict system will be coming out later in the year, pitting guilds against each other for control of the SAGA world. The SAGA team will continue to discuss and implement ideas from the suggestions forums to add even more exciting player-requested features in the future.

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