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Silicon Knights Gives an Exclusive Look at the Role-Playing and Action Elements in Too Human

March 28, 2008

Silicon Knights Gives an Exclusive Look at the Role-Playing and Action Elements in Too Human

Learn About the Developer’s Efforts to Create a Unique, Authentic and Fluid Combination of Intricate Combat, as well as Their Inspiration from a Unique Norwegian Documentary

The third installment of the “Too Human” video diary series, available for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace this Thursday, March 27th, allows viewers to discover the heart of the game’s essence: epic action with deep RPG elements. The all-new video diary gives fans a taste of “Too Human’s” pulse-pounding combat intertwined with a vast array of customization options, all while providing a distinctive and genuine experience.

Click here to download the new Too Human video diary.

With commentary from Silicon Knights’ Director and President Denis Dyack, and Director of Design Henry Sterchi, viewers will get an inside look into all that goes into creating a multi-genre game with a distinctive Norse mythology inspired storyline. Both Dyack and Sterchi elaborate on the game’s features. such as the multitude of customization combinations, storyline elements and statistical tracking that make up the role-playing element, as well as the countless combinations of weapons and attacks that feed the action lover. Additionally, the video diary includes an in-depth documentary titled, “The Goblin Man of Norway,” which Dyack highlights as a key inspiration for the storyline and premise of “Too Human.” More information on this documentary can be found at

Additionally, the video diary will be available for free download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace on Thursday, March 27th.

“Too Human” is rated “T” for Teens ages 13 years and above.

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