Silent Hill: Revelation 3D nurses are still terrifying

Silent Hill: HD Collection Screenshot - 1113717

Well it’s official, Jon Snow is no longer beyond the wall and now is in far far worse hell.  You Silent Hill fans out there know just how terrifying the Nurses are; those… creepy twitching movements, those large butcher knives, and their hatred  for all sounds.  This is one time where slutty nurse outfits are NOT acceptable. 

At Comic Con-2012, a Silent Hill: Revelation 3D clip was shown featuring our favorite clinical staff members.  Watch as Jon Snow, err as Kit Harington as Vincent Carter wakes up on a stretcher tied down in a room full of the medical ladies.  I don’t want to ruin anymore so just watch the clip below.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been very wary about just how good this movie will be but this clip returned a chunk of faith in my heart.  Here’s hoping.         

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