Silent Hill HD Collection likely to be split up

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I'm definitely one of the many gamers excited for Konami's Silent Hill HD Collection, containing Playstation 2 horror classics Silent Hill 2 & 3, now remastered in high-def. Thing is there's sure to be plenty of players who'll be unable to handle having the pants spooked off them twice, these scaredy-cats perhaps more interested in a singular horror experience. Thankfully, it seems as though the HD Collection may also be split up into seperate releases, likely for download on Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

The basis for this presumption are recent content ratings from European advisory board PEGI, who've given each game in the compilation a rating, as opposed to a single rating for just the compilation. Definitely a neccessary step to releasing the games seperately, though far from a hard confirmation from Konami themselves.

What do you think? Can you handle two Silent Hills on the same disc, or would you rather pick them up seperately?

[Source: Joystiq]

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