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Silent Hill HD Collection is a mess of problems


The Silent Hill HD Collection has been under fire for months. Fans complained about the entirely new voice tracks for dialogue, and their demands led to the incorporation of the new and old recordings—but only for Silent Hill 2, not Silent Hill 3.

After several delays, the game finally released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Tuesday. However, gamers were inconvenienced once again when a slew of technical problems—including sound synch, framerate, and sound issues—hit both systems, but particularly the PS3.

Yesterday Konami released a 297 MB patch to fix the problems on the PS3 (no word yet on a 360 equivalent) and assures gamers that the bugs will not be present in the EU release set for later this month, However, many fans in North America have not noticed a difference in performance.

In addition, fans are upset over missing textures, an overly clean or scrubbed look to environments, faulty controls, an edited Pyramid Head/mannequin scene, and myriad other glitches.

How do you do an HD port wrong? Just ask Konami.

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