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Silent Hill art director stunned at poor quality of HD Collection


Fans are dissatisfied with Konami over the shoddy quality of the recent Silent Hill HD Collection release, which contains remastered forms of Silent Hill 2 and 3, starring characters James Sunderland and Heather Mason, respectively.

Recently Masahiro Ito, art director on the series, responded to a fan's complaints on Twitter about the broken games. When the gamer told Ito about the missing fog effects, he replied, "It's really a released version? Really?" and upon confirmation, "OMG!!!!" The Twitter user then thanked Ito for his honesty.

Despite a patch to the PS3 version (which fared worse than the 360 release), Konami has not adequately fixed the problems evident in countless copies. They insist that forthcoming releases outside North America will not bear the same issues, but the assurance doesn't make gamers here any happier about the $40 they just wasted.

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