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Signal Studios debuts Ascend: New Gods

Signal Studios has showcased two new videos for its upcoming title, Ascend: New Gods. You can watch both the debut trailer and a gameplay video right here.

Ascend: New Gods is a "rich third-person action RPG" that moves the developer out of the strategy genre.

According to Signal, "it’s got a hell of a lot more going on under the hood, including a style of parallel multiplayer that’s never been done before on Xbox Live and a mobile experience that’s going to change the way you think about staying connected to your game."

From the looks of it, Ascend features at least some gameplay scenarios similar to Shadow of the Colossus — in one scene of the announcement trailer, a soldier climbs the limb of a much bigger opponent and starts slashing away.

The official website explains the basic storyline: The gods are waging a war for the mortal realm. A prophecy foretells that when the reign of the Titans ends, one of the Three Gods will achieve ultimate power.

The title is scheduled for 2013.

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