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Shuhei Yoshida on PS4/Vita Bundle: 'Never say never'

Vita TV vs Vita

Prior to E3, I thought Sony was certainly going to announce some sort of PlayStation 4/PS Vita bundle. Given how seamlessly the two devices interact, a pairing of the two only seems natural. And while some retailers have started to offer just that, we've yet to see anything official from Sony. But will we?

"Never say never," Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida told Polygon. "In the past, we did something like Bravia TV and PS3 bundle, so that's even bigger. So never say never."

"We are super excited about how people are using it," Yoshida added. "We are bringing PS TV with that feature and the tech teams are constantly working to improve the experience as well. It's a Gaiki team who's tech is provided. You are on a streaming service, so the basic tech is the same whether it's PS Now or Remote Play, and latency is super important. So we will continue to provide more utility to Vita as a PS4 companion device as well as PS Now terminal."

With over seven million PS4 consoles sold since launch, I don't necessarily think it would benefit Sony's new console as it would its handheld device. At this point, Sony is practically marketing the Vita as a companion device for the PS4 so why not offer a bundle? It could have something to do with the impending launch of the PS Vita TV later this year. Either way, I don't see how getting the Vita into the hands of more gamers could be a bad thing for Sony. 

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