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Shoot Many Robots Xbox Avatar items and dashboard themes available


Demiurge Studios' new original title came out this week, and now Xbox 360 fans of the downloadable game Shoot Many Robots can decorate their Avatar and dashboard and flaunt their love of the game.

The available additions include a fresh theme and Avatar items such as a t-shirt, Gnoming Missile Launcher, and even a Paper Bag. The full list of items and their official descriptions are available below and on the game's website.

Chopper Pet
Bad things happen when wireless chainsaws download cute puppy videos in thunderstorms.

Chopper Helmet
Long ago they taunted you with cries of “Robothead!”  Turns out they were kinda right.

Beverage Hat
Refreshment where it belongs: as close to your brain as possible.

Fairy Outfit
Tutu and tiara: because ballerinas are the ultimate athletes.  Wings: for luck.

A Paper Bag
You can’t fear what you can’t see.

Gnoming Missile Launcher
Gary the Garden Gnome is prophesied to lead the forces of whimsy in the end-times Ragnarok against irony.

Shoot Many Robots Tee
Celebrate your affinity for the premiere robot dating sim franchise.

Shoot Many Robots Launch Theme
Take your dashboard from cheerless to fearless, from faded to Farm Town, from underwhelming to Overlord’s Den, from gno fun to gnoming missile, from Shabbyshab McShabbersen to Shoot Many Robots, with this stunning makeover commemorating the release of the 4-player co-op run-n’-gun.

Shoot Many Robots is a run-and-gun shooter with four-player co-op and "co-opetition." The game released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is scheduled for PC sometime this year.

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