Shmup Masters Cave Considering More 'Games on Demand' Releases

Deathsmiles  - 871245

Though Japanese developers Cave are reknowned for their domination of the shooter genre, their niche titles are barely known outside of their home country, with Deathsmiles being the only Cave title to see a North American retail release. Thankfully, Microsoft was interested in seeing how untranslated games would fare on their 'Games on Demand' service, with Cave's Deathsmiles IIX (and its all-English menus) a perfect guinea pig. According to Makota Asada, Game Development Manager of Cave, the experiment was a success.

"As an experiment, it was pretty good for what we were expecting," Asada told Siliconera in a recent interview. Pressing on whether we could expect more Cave titles for Games on Demand, Asada confirmed "Yes, we do think we might do it again in the future." Definitely exciting news for shooter / shmup fans. Fingers crossed! 

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