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Shiren the Wanderer for Wii Wanders into Retailers Across North America

February 16, 2010

Shiren the Wanderer for Wii Wanders into Retailers Across North America

So please wander out and add a copy to your inventory today!

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced that Shiren the Wanderer for Wii, the new entry in the long heralded Shiren series, is now available in retailers across North America. This new chapter in the legendary franchise stands as one of the most addictive, highly rewarding, and endlessly replayable games available on the platform, not to mention the most accessible Shiren game yet.

With more emphasis on story than practically any other game of its type, Shiren the Wanderer also stands as one of the more captivating narrative-driven roleplaying games in recent memory. A wealth of authentic Japanese history and mythology, an assortment of mystical beasts to encounter and defeat, a cast of colorful characters to interact with, and novel time-travel elements all translate into an epic adventure for Wii owners. Those who complete the game will be treated to post-game content that offers significantly more gameplay and increased challenge, making Shiren the Wanderer a great value as well!

Shiren the Wanderer for Wii is now available in stores across North America!

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