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Shifting World Is a 3DS Game to Watch Out For


If you've never played Shift and its sequels, then I would suggest you give them a go. Shift is a series of free Flash-based puzzle platformers where you must use the Shift key to shift between black and white, in the process altering your environments and opening different paths. Also, I am aware that I used the word "shift" way too much in the last sentence. That was on purpose.

In any case, the series is now headed to the 3DS, and it looks pretty cool. Titled Shifting World, developer Fishing Cactus' puzzle platformer series will now get some time in the handheld spotlight.

Aksys Games made the announcement, and it looks like Shifting World won't be a straight port of the previous Shift games. A number of features will be added to the game. Expect a new visual style, 3D support, a level editor, and a level generator that uses the 3DS camera (not sure how that works yet).

Shifting World will include 60 levels, and you'll have the ability to toggle between 2D and 3D, which could make for some fun puzzle-solving. The game is scheduled to drop on Nintendo's dual screen handheld next year. Watch out for it.

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