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Sherlock Holmes versus Arsne Lupin: France challenges England!

October 9, 2007

Sherlock Holmes versus Arsne Lupin: France challenges England!

While France is ready to face the English team during the Rugby World Cup semi-final, Arsne Lupin, the French gentleman thief, is preparing to challenge England and its most famous detective Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming adventure game - Sherlock Holmes versus Arsne Lupin.

To illustrate this epic battle of wits, Focus Home Interactive has released seven new images from the game. These new screenshots let you join Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson as they investigate the splendid library of the British Museum, looking for precious clues that can help them as they chase Arsne Lupin. In the screens, we will also follow the famed detective as he investigates some of London's most popular landmarks - including Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, the National Gallery and the Tower Bridge, which are all faithfully reproduced by the game's 3D engine.

Click here to view all of the new Sherlock Holmes versus Arsne Lupin screenshots

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A true battle of wits between two of the greatest figures in popular literature, Sherlock Holmes versus Arsne Lupin will send players to 19th Century London where Arsne Lupin, a young French burglar with an impressive track record, has just challenged Scotland Yard and the most celebrated of detectives – Sherlock Holmes. Lupin has announced that he plans to rob the capital of five objects of immense value over the course of five days. The objects are housed in highly prestigious locations such as the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Tower of London and even Buckingham Palace! Sherlock Holmes will have to muster all his courage and ingenuity to save England from terrible humiliation. edicated to major events such as the 32nd America's Cup or the Tour de France. For more information, please visit

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