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Shen Megami Tensei V is coming Exclusively to the Nintendo Switch

Uh... Yes, please.

Shen Megami Tensei V

In case you can't read Japanese, though, neither can I, the header above says Shen Megami Tensei V. In a post to the company's Twitter page, Atlus, has announced that the new game in the series is coming to the Nintendo Switch, exclusively.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Shen Megami Tensei, it's from Atlas, the same company that produces the popular Persona franchise. In fact, some refer to SMT as the "parent" franchise to Persona, though the game has a very different focus. Where Persona focuses on your life as a high school student, far too much, Shen Megami is more plot focused than Persona. It's also about the action of demon training and the consequences of your actions. Another way to view it is sort of like a darker, more adult and edgy Pokemon game. Your choices and how they align (chaos, law or neutral), affect the story and the world.

Regardless, the game is sure to be very popular on the Switch, however, as of right now, it appears to be a Japanese only release, seeing how the whole announcement is in Japanese. Though, that being said, seeing how previous games in the series have come Stateside (and Europe) it's possible we'll see Shen Megami Tensei V venture outside of Japan, as well.

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