Shazam! The latest Infinite Crisis Champion Profile released

Infinite Crisis Screenshot - Shazam

The roster of DC Comics characters for upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis has grown by one with the addition of Shazam -- not to be confused with his long, lost brother Kazaam who was played by Shaq in 1996. As with all previous Champion Profiles, Warner Bros. has included a video highlighting Shazam's abilities and powers.

Shazam is a melee-enforcer with good power damage, survivability, and initiation. He's described as wanting to be "in the middle of the fight, disrupting and damaging the enemy team with his lightning, forcing them to deal with him before his more fragile allies."

Previously announced champions include The Flash, The Joker, Gaslight Batman, Doomsday, Green Lantern, Nightmare Batman, and Wonder Woman.

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