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Shaq is back, and this time he's not gonna 'Fu' it up

It's official, Shaq is back! A recently launched Indiegogo campaign by the Shaq-man himself reveals that a sequel to the absolutely terrible abomination of a game, Shaq Fu, is coming. And hey, it even comes complete with a teaser. Here is, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn.

What we're seeing here is obviously not gameplay, but I have to admit, I don't hate the visuals. And considering how abysmal the first game was, the only way they can go is up right? Right?!

If you want to get a full briefing on the game, get it here from Shaq himself. He knows the original game was bad, as he clearly states in the video. Not to mention, he promises to not 'Fu' it up this time. Clever right?

The campaign has got 45 days left to go and hopes to raise $450,000 which isn't exactly chump change. The best part of this campaign have to be the tier rewards. The first few make sense, a signed poster, mo-cap your signature moves, or be a part of the launch party, but then we get to the weird ones. For just a $1000, Shaq will follow you on Twitter, or 3k to get floor seats to a Kings game, or hell, 15k to go ballin' at Shaq's Shack (though travel is not covered).

I'm somewhat surprised however that Shaq is using crowdfunding to fund Shaq Fu. I've always been under the impression that sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo exist to help indie developers raise enough money to not only develop the game, but to help fund other parts of the production, such as artists, composers, and also to cover their living expenses, since a lot of developers won't be working while working on the game. I'd imagine Shaq has more than enough money to fund any developer he wants.

With that said, I'd like for this game to be made. I want to live in a world where I can say I've played the sequel to Shaq Fu.

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