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Shadows of the Damned Director: Single Player Games are Too Expensive


Shadows of the Damned game director Massimo Guarini, while speaking to GameSpot Australia , spoke out on the topic of single-player games and their value vs. prices. His comments prove to be interesting, especially on heels of Shadows of the Damned being reviewed highly but selling poorly.

"Single player only games are nowhere close to being doomed," Guarini said. "The problem rather lies in how they're produced, through which channels they're sold, and at which price points. I can't see in any way a single player experience being less engaging or interesting because of the absence of multiplayer. Instead, I can definitely see how players who pay 60 or 70 bucks for a game can be quite sensitive to the lack of additional features that can justify their investment."

He added, "The business model must evolve. We're still selling at incredibly high price points because we're still operating like we were five years ago, with just higher production costs. Instead of changing our perspectives, we're still struggling to pack games with features, extras, bonuses, achievements, in order to barely justify that price tag, which is given by excessively high development and licensing costs. We must learn our lesson from the huge, epic failure the music industry is still suffering nowadays for not being able to adapt to the digital revolution."

Are developers relying on DLC too often to add gameplay and story to their games? Or are single-player games starting to die out as the gaming culture evolves? While I tend to side with the first question, it isn't exaggerating when we say the number of singe-player only games are decreasing.

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