Shadowrun sequel appears on Kickstarter

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Harebrained Schemes, a start-up with a few veterans of the original Shadowrun game in its ranks (including creator Jordan Weisman), is hoping to produce a sequel to the early nineties' RPG through contributions on Kickstarter.

The service has recently helped green-light games such as Double Fine Adventure and now Wasteland 2 (which has surpassed its goal) and Leisure Suit Larry (still collecting donations). Harebrained Schemes is looking for the same support with Shadowrun Returns.

So far, it's working. People have raised $212,075 of the $400,000 goal, and 24 days remain to donate to the project. According to the Kickstarter page, Shadowrun Returns will come to Apple and Android tablets and PCs if successfully backed.

Kickstarter is proving to be an effective way to determine interest and develop a loyal following early on (by providing rewards). Have you contributed to any of these video game Kickstarters?

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