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Shadowrun and two other games available on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility

Finally Shotest Shogi gets backwards compatible!


A fresh new batch of backwards-compatible games for the Xbox One just got revealed by the almighty Major Nelson who has in his kindness brought three Xbox 360 games into the fold.

The three new Xbox 360 game to be available on Xbox One via the backwards-compatibility program are Shadowrun, Space Ark, and Shotest Shogi, something for everyone! Almost.

Shadowrun might be the most well known out of these three titles and it's a multiplayer first-person shooter game set in an alternate reality of the Shadowrun universe. Space Ark is a more family friendly title and it's an Xbox Live Arcade title featuring space and animals. Last but definitely not least is Shotest Shogi, a game which is way more interesting that it might seem.  Shotest Shogi is a shogi AI engine that got made into a game, and this AI competes in international AI shogi competitions and it's has managed to achieve the highest ranking of any Western AI in the championships, quite the feat.

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