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Shadow of the Eternals has raised $50,000 so far

Shadow of the Eternals

Today a group of former Silicon Knights developers launched a crowdfunding campaign for what is essentially Eternal Darkness 2. They've raised nearly $50,000 — a slow start.

Shadow of the Eternals serves as a spiritual successor to the popular survival-horror title Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. New studio Precursor Games plans to release it as a series of 12 episodes for Wii U and PC, as revealed on Friday.

The campaign, which ends June 6, is running not on crowdfunding site Kickstarter but the developer's own website. The team is seeking $1.5 million total.

Curiously, Precursor sounds eager to make more episodes based on the amount of funding it receives, which may mean it's prepared to milk the story or start a new one.

"Future episodes of Shadow of the Eternals will be significantly less to produce, and we look forward to announcing more episodes based on the success of our campaign," the page reads.

Backers must spend $50 before they can obtain all 12 episodes (one season) as a reward. What's interesting is tiers like the "Bound Supporter" promise a set range of episodes and then mention that only a certain number of them are "free," which contradicts the reward. Precursor has removed this wording from the sidebar but not the main body of text.

The highest tier costs $10,000. Each features a reserved number of backer spots — so only 10 people can claim the ultimate backer level, "Eternal Supporter," for example.

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