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'Shades of Red' DLC for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action hits Steam

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - DLC - 1

Today publisher Kalypso Media released "Shades of Red," new DLC for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, which came out in early February. The add-on costs $4.99 on Steam.

The DLC provides an extra mission over an hour long that delves into the backstory of the game's characters. Ivan Dolvic, Kyle “Shadow” Simmons, and Cynthia “Fox” Guzzman must infiltrate the base of terrorist Ante Silevic. Before the assignment can even begin, Silevic and his henchmen, armed with an atomic weapon, capture Fox. Players must rescue their partner and prevent Silevic from launching an attack on the world leaders meeting in Eastern Europe.

"Shades of Red" is available for PC.

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