Seth Killian leaving Capcom this week

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Capcom community manager and iconic Street Fighter personality, Seth Killian, will be leaving the compan ythis week. Killian, who has been the face for many of Capcom's popular fighting games for quite awhile, announced that his last day will be Friday, June 22.

"I have chosen a new path which will let me embrace a new dream, but to everyone that ever believed in this dream we shared together, let me say this final thanks," he wrote in a farewell message on the Capcom blog. "I will leave as I began--a Capcom fan for life, looking forward to all the great games still to come."

Killian didn't get into specifics about where hew as heading next, but I imagine it will be far from the gaming industry. I mean, who dreams of making video games for a living?

You can read Seth's longer, more heartfelt message on the Capcom Unity blog. Best wishes Seth, you've been great!

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