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Serious Games Interactive releases Global Conflicts: Latin America

October 20, 2008

Serious Games Interactive releases new game about the world's conflict zones

Following up on its award-winning computer game 'Global Conflicts: Palestine' (GC:P), Serious Games Interactive now introduces 'Global Conflicts: Latin America' (GC:LA) - for PC and Mac.

The 'Global Conflicts' series focuses on conflicts throughout the world. GC:LA zooms in on major problems in some of the world's most violent and poverty-stricken places. Many Latin American countries have dark histories of genocide, widespread corruption; and systematic exploitation of the indigenous population. These historical facts still cast long shadows on the everyday life of people in the region today.

Global Conflicts: Latin America GC:LA is a mix of the role-playing and adventure genres but is based on real personal accounts from people living in the region. The game puts you in the place of a freelance journalist who must write revealing articles about major problems in Latin American countries. You will be confronted with ruthless landowners profiting on modern slavery; corrupt police officers and tainted state officials; men with bloody hands from their involvement in systematic genocide; organized criminals benefiting from the misery of others; and shameless businessmen putting profit before workers' rights and the environment. None of these wish to talk about the details of their doings. Your job is to identify them, throw them off balance, and bring the truth about their actions to the pub-lic.

''Global Conflicts: Latin America' is not your ordinary computer game. What distinguishes it from many other games is that players actually take something with from the gaming experience, which has relevance in the real world. Often reality is more cruel and brutal than what you can make up and we want engage people by taking video games beyond the killings of orcs and aliens' says CEO Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen.

GC:LA targets critical and reflective gamers looking for an experience, which challenges their understanding of the world. The game is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian from October 23rd, 2008. For more information visit the website 

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