Serious Sam Double D XXL 'Gun Diary 2' offers a glimpse at tommy gun turrets and fire-breathing cats

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Serious Sam Double D XXL just keeps getting crazier, and Devolver Digital has some rad Gun Diary videos to prove it. The second in these developer features offers a closer look at some of the weapons in the game, as well as one of the most adorable enemies, like, ever.

Tommy guns have a nice kick to them, pushing enemies back and dealing some major damage. As you could probably expect, the Gunstacker feature allows you to stack multiple tommy guns on top of each other for awesome results.

You can also launch turrets if you so desire, but these aren't your regular ol' turrets. Nope, these suckers will explode after use and can even be charged. Aarrgghh! So kick-ass!

There's a lot more to drool over, including a laser rifle and some rad upgrades, but to get a close look at the weapons of Serious Sam Double D XXL, check out Gun Diary 2. Watch out for the game when it lands on Xbox Live Arcade on February 20.

Also, fire-breathing cats! So ridiculously adorable!

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