Serious Sam Double D XXL 'Gun Diary 1' has crazy weapon stacking

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Serious Sam games have always been known for being outlandishly awesome and awesomely outlandish. It looks like Mommy's Best Games, Devolver Digital, and Mastertronic haven't lost sight of that with the upcoming Serious Sam Double D XXL.

Originally released for PC as Serious Sam Double D, this enhanced version of the game is headed to Xbox Live Arcade with all of its original insanity intact. Of course, this isn't a straight port — Double D XXL will also boast some new features such as local two-player co-op, competitive modes, leaderboards, and new weapons.

The Gunstacker will once again allow you to pile up to six weapons on top of each other for ultimate carnage. So if you want to combine multiple shotguns with a tommy gun and a chainsaw, you can totally stack 'em up. Suh-weet!

There are also some cool upgrades for your guns as detailed in the developer's Gun Diary video, which you can watch below. Feel like adding a hover ability to your gun? Perhaps you'd like to slow enemies down. Or maybe, just maybe, you'd like to shoot a swarm of angry bees at your foes. Well, you can do that, too.

Watch out for Serious Sam Double D XXL on Xbox Live Arcade on February 20. Oh, and watch out for those bees!

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