Sepulchre horror adventure available for free and as special edition

Screenshot - Sepulchre

Owl Cave's horror adventure short Sepulchre is out now on PC for free or $3, if you'd like to support the developer.

The $3 special edition includes the game, the original soundtrack, two wallpapers, and writer Ashton Raze's e-book Bright Lights and Glass Houses.

Sepulchre takes about a half-hour to play, so it's nice and short. You could always try it for free and pay the $3 if you enjoy it.

Owl Cave noted that the original build contains a weird technical bug — co-founder Lewis Denby forgot to turn off the dev keyboard shortcuts — but new builds are available that fix the problem. There's also an easy workaround: just avoid pressing anything except the "escape" button.

Stephanie Carmichael Twitter: @wita
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