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Senpai will finally notice me in Yandere Simulator

There will be blood


Yuno Gasai is the queen of the Japanese character trait known as the yandere. This characterization reflects a deep crazy love – focus on the crazy part. A yandere character is often obsessive, possessive, and jealous to the point of violence or murder when another woman goes near the person she considers her man. On the outside though, these characters normally appear sweet and kind; it’s just the inside that’s a bit nutty. So yea, rich girlfriend material.

This leads to YandereDev’s creation of Yandere Simulator. In this game, you become the conductor of the crazy train. All aboard! You play as a high school girl, Yandere-Chan, who is obsessively in love with Senpai. This leads to psychotic overprotection of the love of your life. If another girl look to move in on your man or if you think another girl has the slightest intention of taking your self-proclaimed man, she needs to be removed. This can be done with slander or full on murder.

This game has a Hitman vibe to it except well, it’s really just senseless yandere murder for the sake of your love. I get the parody and trope, I’m sure not everyone else will.  It’s a whole lot of yanderes doing what yanderes do. Other aspects of the game include creating an information network, using yandere vision to spot Senpai/rivals/girl in your network, taking photos to slander or heal your sanity with pictures of Senpai, etc. Pretty unique game.

Check out the trailer below and check out the homepage!      


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