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Select League of Legends champions and skins get 50% discount for three days

Great, the sale makes the most annoying champion cute.

Riot will be hosting a sale on some champions and skins in League of Legends starting tomorrow! The three-day long sale will bring champions and skins down in RP by 50%, which is pretty great. 

Unfortunately, there's one thing about the sale that isn't great - the absurdly cute Fizz skin. Let's be honest, Fizz can be an annoying champion to contend with - especially when the person playing Fizz knows how to play him. 

With the Cottontail skin, Fizz is almost as cute and as annoying as Teemo. Check out all the deals below! Sale is between February 7th and February 10th.

Skins on sale:


  • Royal Guard Fiora 975 487 RP 


  • Pickpocket Twitch 750 375 RP


  • Cottontail Fizz 975 487 RP


  • Lion Dance Kog'Maw 71350 675 RP

Champions on sale: 

  • Rek'Sai 975 487 RP
  • Kog'Maw 880 440 RP
  • Blitzcrank 790 395 RP
  • Gnar 975 487 RP
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