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SEGA Reveals NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Bonus Game Content

February 4, 2008

SEGA Reveals NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Bonus Game Content

SEGA of America, Inc. today revealed a list of bonus events that are featured in the “My Dream” portion of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed hit NiGHTS. The My-Dream feature is an online enabled sandbox environment that gives gamers the freedom to create their own dream world using elements from the NiGHTS world. Once a month, the inhabitants (A-life) living in the My Dream area will hold a special event. Each event includes seasonal decorations and actions.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams - Events Calendar

  • January: New Years fireworks are set off at 12 midnight on January 1st and the Nightopians will celebrate New Years. (Fireworks are set off once every hour)
  • February: Chinese New Year. During February, you will see Nightopians holding a big dragon and throwing firecrackers.
  • March: Carnival. During March, you will see many Nightopians wearing festive masks.
  • April: Flamenco. During April, you will see Nightopians wearing a rose.
  • May: Boys' Festival. In May, carp streamers appear in My Dream
  • June: June Bride. During June, you will see Nightopians with a bouquet or a flower basket.
  • July: Bull-Running Festival. In this month you will see Nightopians wearing bull armor as well as Nightopians holding red capes.
  • August: Music Festival. During August, you will see Nightopians performing using various instruments.
  • September: Moon Viewing. In September, you will see Nightopians holding a full moon paper fan.
  • October: Halloween. Towards in the end of October, you will see Nightopians will be wearing witch costumes and holding pumpkin lanterns.
  • November: Thanksgiving. During November, you will see Nightopians holding autumn leaves or fruits.
  • December: Christmas. In the month of December, you will see a Christmas tree and Nightopians dressed up as Santa Claus. You will also see Nightopians holding a cake, wearing a tricorn, or letting off firecrackers.
  • December 24-25: Holiday Carols. On Dec. 24th to 25th, the song of Nightopian changes to something more Christmas-like. The sound of the music box also changes.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is rated “E for Everyone” and is available in stores throughout North America for $49.95.

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