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Sega Releases MADWORLD

March 10, 2009
The Highly Anticipated Black & White Mature Action Brawler Ships to Retailers Across North America
SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced that  MADWORLD™, the black and white third-person action game developed exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii™ system, shipped to retailers across North America. From the creative minds of PlatinumGames Inc., this highly stylized game with over-the-top violence and visceral action incorporates irreverent humor that immerses the players into a graphic novel world that makes for a gaming experience unlike any other. MADWORLD is the title that hardcore gamers looking for additional mature content on Wii have been waiting for.

In MADWORLD, Varrigan City is driven into chaos by an outbreak of a deadly virus and taken under siege by a terrorist group simply known as “The Organizers.” The terrorists have isolated the citizens from the rest of the world, and have turned the city into a bizarre and twisted game show called “DeathWatch.” In this deadly game, the citizens have become reluctant contestants and are pitted against lethal bosses and blood thirsty enemies, it is the ultimate battle of life or death where only the strong will survive.

As Jack, players enter DeathWatch and explore over ten different environments, using various weapons such as chainsaws, spiked bats, street signs, and daggers, to defeat enemies and solve the mystery behind the deadly game show. The more creative your kill, the more points you accumulate to access more weapons, mini games called “BloodBath Challenges,” and boss battles within the game. Players can also compete with their friends in BloodBath Challenges to see who can achieve the most mayhem! MADWORLD offers versus mode for two players on split screen for a competitive and satisfying gameplay experience.

The Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ lend themselves well for an intuitive and visceral gameplay experience using a variety of motions that mimic the action on screen. Lively sports commentators voiced by two talented actors, Greg Proops and John DiMaggio, call out moves as Jack performs them on his enemies. The comical color commentary contributes to the game’s unique tone and adds another layer to the over-the-top action.

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