SEGA Joins in on App Store Holiday Sales

Sonic The Hedgehog Part One - MB Screenshot - 868074

From now until January 3, 2011, select SEGA titles will be available at discounted prices on the iTunes App Store:

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I -- $2.99 (iOS) ChuChu Rocket! -- 2.99 (iPhone) ChuChu Rocket! HD -- $4.99 (iPad) Phantasy Star 2 -- $0.99 (iPhone) Gunstar Heroes -- $0.99 (iPhone) Altered Beast -- $0.99 (iPhone)

The sale also extends to XBLA and PSN. Full details about the 2010 Holiday SEGA Mega Sale, including a complete list of the titles featured, can be found on the SEGA blog.

William Haley
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