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SEGA Announces Streets of Rage Game Now Available on App Store

July 17, 2009

SEGA Announces Streets of Rage Game Now Available on App Store

SEGA of America Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced Streets of Rage is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. Streets of Rage is based on a SEGA Genesis classic title. Players can choose to play as one of three determined police officers – Axel Stone, Adam Hunter or Blaze Fielding – and select from over 40 different attacks to fight through 8 fist-pounding levels in this city gone bad.

“The original SEGA titles like Streets of Rage are classic games that people still talk about today,” said Sean Ratcliffe, vice president of Marketing, SEGA of America Inc.. “We've used the accelerometer and innovative Multi-Touch user interface of the iPhone and iPod touch to create what we believe is exactly the type of fan favorite application that users will enjoy playing anywhere, anytime."

Streets of Rage is available for $4.99 USD from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

SEGA has a range of exciting games currently available on the App Store including the irresistible Sonic the Hedgehog and arcade classic Golden Axe. In Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman has turned all of Sonic’s friends into mechanical monsters and it is up to the legendary hedgehog to save them. Using a Multi-Touch virtual d-pad, Sonic the Hedgehog players will be able to speed through classic environments including Green Hill and Labyrinth Zone and experience hair-raising loop-de-loops and dizzying dives as they gather up Rings and attempt to defeat Dr. Eggman and his dastardly scheme for world domination. Sonic the Hedgehog for iPhone and iPod touch also offers a bonus stage inviting gamers to collect the Chaos Emeralds.

In Golden Axe, players can choose to play as a powerful Fighter, a mighty Amazon, or a rugged Dwarf - each with a score to settle with the evil Death Adder who has captured the king and his daughter. Filled with unique magic attacks for each character, battles in dark castles, on the back of a giant turtle and even on the wings of an enchanted eagle Golden Axe brings players a thrilling taste of the classic title. As a fan bonus, the iPhone and iPod touch app offers two extra levels of the game that weren’t found in the original arcade version.

For more information on any of SEGA’s iPhone and iPod touch games please visit

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