SEGA's mysterious PS3/Vita game is beginning to take shape

Screenshot - 1142174

Remember that site set up by SEGA to tease their upcoming PS3 and Vita game? Well, a little more has been revealed. The site has been updated, and the sprinkling dust/powder/ash that once was a little pile is beginning to take shape.

As you can see from the screenshot of the site, the dust appears to be forming some sort of rounded shape -- almost like an egg of some sort. Honestly, I've got no idea -- I'm reaching here. But hopefully all will be clear on March 28, the date shown on the site. It can only be assumed that on that day SEGA will lift the curtain on their new game.

In the meantime, let's hear what you think the new game could be.

Matt Liebl You can follow Senior News Editor Matt Liebl on Twitter @Matt_GZ. He likes games, sports, musicals, and his adorable dog, Wrigley, and his wife.
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