Sega releasing Binary Domain for PC this month

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Sega has revealed that its squad-based third-person shooter Binary Domain will hit PC on April 27.

The game is already available for pre-purchase on Steam, with Devil's Details listed as developer for the PC version, but Sega's announcement contained no mention of the service other than confirmation that both digital and boxed editions were planned.

Pre-orders come with two types of incentives. The "Dan Marshall Pack" features bionic upgrades and weaponry for the eponymous protagonist, and the "Multiplayer Pack" introduces the playable Ninja class along with the new "Outside High-rise, Upper City" map and additional weapons. So far Steam's page only shows the second offer.

About the game:

Binary Domain is a dynamic action-adventure, featuring a cast of striking characters battling through 2080 era Tokyo in an effort to cleanse mankind of a race of hybrid robot/humans known as ‘Hollow Children’. As they explore a country ravaged by climate change and social upheaval, Dan Marshall and his R.U.S.T. crew will have to fight through both the slums of the lower city and the pristine hi-tech environments of the upper city. The R.U.S.T. Crew’s varied arsenal of tactics and weaponry will be necessary in order to emerge victorious in thrilling boss encounters, while Binary Domain’s procedural damage system allows players to shred their robotic foes limb-by-limb in high-intensity fire fights.

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